Learn more about the many value-added services we offer...

We pride ourselves on fast service and easy-to-find inventory.  The Big Stores cannot say this.  Come visit to see this for yourself! We offer comprehensive services such as:

Delivery:  Your order can be delivered to your facility, free of charge, within a 40-mile radius on orders over $1000.00!

Tool Cleaning:  To preserve the life of your tools, we offer total tool cleaning services to restore your tools to an almost new condition!

Tool Repair:  Does any of your tools need repairing?  We offer total tool repair services.  Ask us to learn more!

Custom Orders:  Any tool or supply can be custom ordered at your request!

Tool Training: Do you have a specific job that requires a tool you are unfamiliar with how to operate?  We offer FREE tool training upon request!

"Find it in 5!"  Our biggest advantage over our competition is your ability to find any tool or supply in five minutes or less.